Open-Source Machine Learning for Time Series Analysis

Try out the Cesium web app!

  1. Download the docker-compose file for Cesium:
    curl -Lo docker-compose.yml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cesium-ml/cesium_web/master/docker-compose.yaml
  2. Ensure you have Docker Compose up and running, then:
    docker-compose up
  3. Wait a few seconds and navigate to
  4. Create a project and GO! If you want some test data, an example header file can be downloaded with
    curl -Lo example-headers.dat http://bit.ly/29FtRXy
    , and time series data with
    curl -Lo example-series.tar.gz http://bit.ly/29HKmVZ

Learn More

Explore the Cesium docs here.


How to Contribute

We gratefully accept contributions of new time-series features (domain-specific or general) as well as new library / web app functionality / features. Please see the following guidelines for contributing.